Traditional Winemaking

It’s more than the knowledge of varietals, or how to coax the vines to greatness. It’s more than desire, or passion or even the blessings of perfect soil, wind and sun. It’s having a winemaker from Bordeaux who takes an artisanal approach to vineyard management. It’s finding the illusive balance of tradition and innovation. More than all of that, it’s something the Aquilinis have always lived by: “We can make 100,000 bottles. Or we can make something special.” MORE

A Brief History

Our commitment remains steadfast that “we have yet to make our best bottle of wine” — a philosophy that guides us towards our ultimate goal, everyday. Driven by passion. Nurtured by family. Inspired by Red Mountain.

purchase farm


The Aquilini family purchases 535 prime acres within the highly-prized AVA, Red Mountain in Washington State.

Grapevine Timeline - Aquilini Family Wines
vision established


59 acres are singled out for an ambitious, singular vision to create one of the world’s greatest Cabernet Sauvignons.

winemaker named


Specializing in limited-production Cabernet Sauvignons, Atelier Melka is appointed to lead the journey to an elite Cabernet.

Wine Barrel Timeline - Aquilini Family Wines
first planting


The first vines go into the ground in thirty 2-acre micro-blocks, cultivated by hand, with the goal of expressing each unique terroir.

first release


220 cases are bottled and released from the 2014 vintage, in bottles echoing Aquilinis' simple, hand-crafted approach to winemaking.

Wine Bottles Timeline - Aquilini Family Wines
first major review


Our 91 pt Sauvignon Blanc and 96 pt Cabernet reinforce our belief that this region is capable of producing some of the world’s best wine.

first limited release


Limited release of Eroe, an iconic Cabernet Sauvignon, and among the best Red Mountain has to offer.

Aquilini Wines - Red Mountain Wines - Columbia Valley Wines

Red Mountain

Where a wine comes from is just as important as who’s making it.

Maybe it’s the extreme temperature shifts — cold at night, blazing hot during the day — that lead to a more intense, more refined and complex flavor. Perhaps it’s hand-picking each grape — no stems, no leaves, nothing over- or under-ripened to interfere with perfection. It might also be Red Mountain’s gentle slope that creates its natural drainage, protecting precious root systems from mildew.

One thing is undeniable: the Red Mountain AVA is blessed with a confluence of growing conditions that winemakers dream of.

Geologically speaking, the region was formed around 20,000 years ago, the result of receding glacial floods and severe weather that deposited a combination of nutrient-rich soil and layers of sand and silt — perfect for growing grapes. Situated in the far corner of Washington’s Yakima Valley, Red Mountain is quickly making a name for itself by consistently producing award-winning, 95 to 100 point vintages.

Red Mountain is a blessing to those fortunate enough to practice their art in such a place — where the land’s inherent nature is a gift to winemaking. Marry that with the Aquilini’s blend of traditional and modern methods, an old-world reverence for the land, and a time-honored process that values craft and quality over speed and volume, and the potential for legendary wines is boundless.

Aquilini Wine Bottle
Wine Scores - Aquilini Family Wines
91+ scores
Varietal Labels - Aquilini Family Wines
Elite Acres - Aquilini Family Wines
elite acres
Aquilini 2017 Cabernet Sauvignon – Red Mountain – Aquilini Wines
red mountain

2017 aquilini cabernet sauvignon

The 2017 Cabernet Sauvignon is a wine of exceptional quality and unique character. Nurtured by hand and the caress of Red Mountain, it’s a blend of old world artistry and new world science, revealing the character of a potentially great Cabernet Sauvignon. Deep. Ripe. Delicious.

red mountain

2019 aquilini sauvignon blanc

A sophisticated and elegant structure not always found in a Sauvignon Blanc. Born of the same climate and soil as our Cabernet Sauvignon, this wine offers structure and complexity yet freshness on the palate. From its aromatic nose to its lingering finish, this elegant wine is one to savor.

Aquilini 2019 Sauvgnon Blanc – Red Mountain – Aquilini Wines Home Page
Aquilini 2017 Family Blend – Red Mountain – Aquilini Wines
red mountain

2017 aquilini family blend

The 2017 Family Blend will age beautifully, but is so delicious now that temptation may prove irresistible. Either way, this wine romances with lush berries, chewy espresso, and a beguiling softness, offering all the pleasure of Cabernet with a bit of bounce from Petit Verdot.

red mountain

2017 eroe cabernet sauvignon

Eloquently showcasing the purity of “place,” the Blackwood Canyons vineyard is an original site on Red Mountain, planted 1983. The cuvée was stylishly blended with a touch of Petit Verdot, also from Blackwood Canyons, to highlight the structural frame of this multi-dimensional wine.

EROE 2017 Cabernet Sauvignon – Red Mountain Wine – Aquilini Wines
Aquilini Cabernet Sauvignon – Red Mountain Wines – Parallax
red mountain

2018 aquilini cabernet sauvignon

Thanks to auspicious soil and an ideal climate, our winemakers need only to coax the inherent qualities of this unique Cabernet Sauvignon. Their approach is to respect the balance in the vineyard and then reveal the true character of Red Mountain in the cellar.

red mountain

2020 aquilini sauvignon blanc

The 2020 Aquilini Sauvignon Blanc expresses a sophisticated and elegant character. Born of the same climate and soils as our Cabernet Sauvignon and Family Blend, this wine generously offers layered complexities with rich aromatics and concentrated flavors.

Aquilini 2020 Sauvignon Blanc – Red Mountain Wines – Parallax
Aquilini 2018 Family Blend – Red Mountain Wines – Parallax
red mountain

2018 aquilini family blend

The beguiling softness and silky tannins of our 2018 Aquilini Family Blend offer all the pleasure of the Cabernet, lush generosity from the Merlot and a bounce from the Petit Verdot. Although this wine will age gracefully, it’s so delicious now, you may be tempted not to let it.

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Our Team

“We can make 100,000 bottles. Or we can make something special.” The Aquilini mantra drifts among the Red Mountain vines, inspiring a team with world class experience and passion found only in those who have great winemaking in their blood.

Maayan Koschitzky - Consulting Wine Maker
Maayan Koschitzky
Consulting Winemaker

With experience in both wineries and vineyards, Maayan brings a dynamic array of talents to the Aquilini team.

Philippe Melka - Consulting Wine Maker
Philippe Melka
Consulting Winemaker

Philippe has served as winemaking consultant for some of the most highly regarded properties around the world.